Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Avery Elle Be Jolly and GIVEAWAY

Hello, dear blog friends! Today, I have a card and a tutorial. I used Heather's super cute Be Jolly stamp set on this card. Somehow this little snowman reminds of Calvin and Hobbes. I don't know why. I just feel this little snowman is mischievous.

Making tutorial has been on my craft to-do list for a long time. I finally got to make one last weekend. Hope you will enjoy my glitter snow man card and the tutorial!

Here is the step-by-step photo tutorial. I added notes to the pictures. I would like some suggestion about the photo tutorial, so pretty please...

Please leave a comment regarding one of the following for a chance to win a $15 Avery Elle gift card.
1. Do you like the photo collage or individual photos with text in between to explain the steps? Did the photos explain the step? What else do you think I should include?
2. Do I need to include more notes about certain steps in the picture or in the post?
3. Share a link of your favorite photo tutorial.

I will draw one random comment from the qualified comments for a chance of $15 Avery Elle gift card on Friday, Sept 20th!

Thanks for stopping by,

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Karen said...

It would be good to explain the adhesive sheets a bit more. As someone who has never used them, I think I know what they are for, but not totally sure.

jcobb said...

I prefer individual photos with text in between to explain the steps. More info is always helpful!
Love the Glitter Snowman card and tutorial!

Heather Thompson said...

I like to have a bit of explanation with each photo especially if it is a difficult technique. sometimes photo collages get busy and I find myself jumping around.

This is a beautiful card.

grandmato20 said...

I would prefer individual photos with instruction for each one? I love your snowman, but am not sure exactly how to achieve it.

Annette Allen said...

love the dry embossing and that snowman is the cutest.. fabulous card..

Miriam Prantner said...

I don't mind the collage, although I wish the photos were slightly larger/brighter. It feels cramped in some ways because you were zooming in, but then the items are really close together. I'm not sure how to describe it. But May Park does great step by step photos, so you could check her blog to see: http://mayholicraft.wordpress.com

I don't think you need to spell out all the steps with text, photos are fine for that, but anything non intuitive might need some words.

I do love this card though, the emboss snowflakes and the sparkly snowman, great textures!

Lisa Harrolle said...

I actually like the photo collage. I like having all the steps right next to each other like that. With one look at your supply photo and a glance at your collage I feel very well informed as to how the techniques were done. This card is adorable!! I love the embossed snowflakes. Can't wait to try it out myself. Thanks.

Shelly said...

This is totally sweet! Love the background and snowman!

I do like seeing photo collages.Though I think more for just the supplies used and then for the actual steps/techniques I like seeing a single photo with the text under it. I think you have a good amount of photos here. The only question I ponder, is if you stamped the snowman over the glitter and colored it? Or if you stamped the snowman and colored it, then the glitter? Everything else I follow. ;) There are a lot of tutorials out there...I honestly can't say I have A favorite, but I do always enjoy Joni's. ;) http://jonininaandaya.blogspot.com/2014/09/waffle-flower-with-joy.html

Maeghan M. said...

I'd prefer step by step photos and fairly detailed instructions-I'm not sure how you did everything at first but after thinking about it I got it eventually. Thanks for sharing this card idea!

Ruth G said...

Super sweet card! I love the snowflake background and the sparkly snowman!
I think it'd be better to have the pictures separated, just to make it easier to follow what comes next. Also, I don't know how to emboss with a die, so I would say that needs to be included in the tutorial or a link to another post that shows how to do that. I like lots of words and lots of photos even if it means the post is longer. That's just my personal preference.
Thanks for sharing and for asking for my opinion!

TracyM #6773 said...

SUPER CUTE card!!!
1 - I prefer the individual photos with text in between to explain the steps, the more info the better
2 - I'm pretty new to using dies and never used them for embossing before, so I'm not sure which side to put them or what sandwich to use (Big Shot) and I've never adhered sequins before, so advice on what to use would be great too, please :)
3 - searching out a fave one to link now, I don't think it will be what you are looking for though, because I like to have a fairly detailed description
THANK YOU for asking for our feedback and the chance to win :)

TracyM #6773 said...

Sorry, I can't find the link to my favorite bead & ribbon butterfly tutorial (will keep searching) but I have included a recent tutorial that inspired me (and I shared via Facebook), the photos of each step are so detailed that you don't need to be able to read the instructions http://www.craftandfun.com/2014/09/riciclo-creativo-bottoni-idee-decorazioni-uncinetto.html#more
... I usually prefer detailed instructions but this has shown me that sometimes none are needed :)

Mary-Anne V said...

Very sweet card. I saw it at the Avery Elle blog. Really like that dry embossed snowflakes. I think with this particular card the photos and little blubs were enough. Personally I prefer to have picture with a blub underneath.Also links to a particular technique (eg. dry embossing using dies) would also be helpful. Thanks for the pictures they always help.

Flo said...

The collage photos are fine, but you need a little more instruction especially about how you applied the glitter to the adhesive sheet and what your sandwich was for embossing the dies. Your card is so cute.

Kim Davis said...

Beautiful card and workmanship! My only suggestion is if you had individual pictures we would be able to click to enlarge each one. How it is now as a collage, we can only enlarge the collage itself which doesn't really make each photo much bigger. But like I said, very nice card and I think your tutorial was pretty good too!

Hazel Parr said...

I love how you've shown all the items needed to complete the card but if you don't recognise an item you are left guessing what it is. Eg I'm guessing that it's glitter you put on the snowman? Maybe a list to alongside the photos and maybe do that share a sale link thingy so that people can go and buy exactly that item. Also I probably missed it but what make is the stamp set and what sandwich in your die cutter to just emboss the dies?
Hope these help you,
Hazel xx

Hazel Parr said...

Me again. Can you add a follow by email button so I can follow your blog. I find that's my best way of viewing all the best blogs
Hazel xx

stamper101 said...

Very cute card! I like the photo collage but also a supply list would be helpful.

Debbie said...

Individual photos with steps would my preferred method
upnurse at aol dot com